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Deputy city manager: No car allowance needed, moving expenses covered

October 2nd, 2009 · 15 Comments

I can hardly wait for the day that everyone in the media has to post their income tax returns online, so that we’re on an equal footing with government employees.

In the meantime, for those of you who love this stuff, here is the employment contraact for our recently hired deputy city manager from Chicago who, it appears, won’t have the opportunity to flee back to the Windy City any time soon to help out with the Olympics since, as the whole world knows, Chicago got the least votes of the four contenders today.

As you’ll note, Sadhu Johnston declined the car-lease allowance, presumably because he’ll be riding his bike around the city every day, as he has been in Chicago. I see no excessive holiday provisions, unless I’m missing something.

To save you the trouble of checking with the city’s financial statements, he will be making a little less than the recently departed deputy city managers. For the 2008 year, Jody Andrews (who quit early this year) got $208,790. James Ridge (who quit later this year) got $231,315.

The deputy will also make less than the head of engineering (Tom Timm, 224,00) or legal (Francie Connell, $225,000) or what the head of Olympic operations made before he quit (Dave Rudberg, $233,000).


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