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District heating system powers up

January 14th, 2010 · 8 Comments

As I zipped across the Cambie Bridge in the dark this morning (Radio Canada interview, morning swim), the pre-dawn gloom was lit up with the pinkish-orange pulsing fingers next to the bridge that are the stacks for the district heating system at Southeast False Creek.

They’re ugly as heck but the light is nice, though it made me wonder if the village is already using maximum energy, since the lights are supposed to change colour depending on the level of energy use. Surely pink-orange can’t be good? I’d know if I were down at the tour of the new plant (be still, my beating heart) going on this morning with various dignitaries, as the plant and system are officiallyopened.

In spite of my snarky tone here, I think this is one of the more interesting accomplishments of the Olympic village and I’ll be fascinated to hear how it’s working in the coming months and years. Even though I think of myself as an amateur science buff, I still can’t quite grasp the concept of capturing heat from sewer lines to provide heat.

On another note, another light display illuminating the sky was the new VISIONCRITICAL neon glowing from the Pivotal Building. At first I thought it was some Bob Rennie-style “Everything is going to be alright” art installation. Then I thought it might be a witty political slogan. Then I remembered it’s the name of a new software company that’s recently moved into the building.

But what a thing for civic voters to be looking at as they come across the Cambie Bridge every day, contemplating the good or bad they think that the Vision Vancouver group is carrying out at city hall.


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