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Endorsements: Left, right, union, business and a very personal one for Tony Tang

November 18th, 2011 · 4 Comments

For those of you still looking for guidance in how to vote, here’s a round-up of endorsements and/or information bulletins that I’ve been sent by various groups or that I’ve run across. (Please feel free to add your own in the comments.)

Fair Tax Coalition: Sent out a message to its members noting who was in favour of continuing a tax shift from business to residential for the next three years. Vision has said it is only in favour of continuing the tax shift for one more year and then re-assessing. Those in favour of the three-year shift, according to the tax coalition were: All of the NPA council team and Adriane Carr, along with three independents.

Vancouver and District Labour Council: The straight Vision/COPE slate.

Firefighters: As reported previously, mostly Vision/COPE (see previous posts) except for the Green Party’s Adriane Carr and NPA’s Sean Bickerton.

Green Party of B.C.: President Jane Sterk said the party is endorsing only the three Green Party candidates (one each at council, school board and parks). Her comment about former Green Party president Christopher Ian Bennett endorsing NPA’er Suzanne Anton is that Bennett only trots out his Green Party credentials, a six-month stint that he quickly dropped, when he is endorsing B.C. Liberals. Mr. Bennett also endorsed NPA mayoral candidate Sam Sullivan in 2005. The three-year-old political blog that has been mostly focused on anti-Vision coverage (with very occasional NPA critiques) but also comments on the region from time to time. It has the most comprehensive list of anyone, only rivalled by the Canadian Union of Public Employees in its geographic coverage. Vancouver recommendation’s are mostly NPA, with two Vision (Tim Stevenson and Heather Deal) and Green Party Adriane Carr, who’s scoring a lot of endorsements from the right in this election.

The Mainlander: An online publication that I would define as the intellectual clearing house for the Beyond New Left of Vancouver, which includes those who represent a hardcore element at Occupy Vancouver and who dismiss parties like Vision Vancouver as little different from the Non-Partisan Association. Their ratings are here.

Mainstream media: Vancouver Sun did not endorse anyone. Globe endorsed Vision Vancouver’s Gregor Robertson, but said council needs a stronger opposition.

The Georgia Straight: Here. Lengthy explanations that I can’t summarize easily, but Robertson for mayor, with a mix of COPE, Vision, NPA, NSV, and independent.

Michael Geller: Former NPA council candidate and political commentator, here. Also a mix, including Geoff Meggs from Vision, Sean Bickerton and Mike Klassen from the NPA, and independent Sandy Garossino.

Finally , Tony Tang (running with Vision and whom I inadvertently left off my list today as someone to consider because of his years of community and work with the party) got this particularly lovely endorsement from his Kerrisdale neighbour Bob McGilvray:

I am not normally interested in politics, seldom donate to parties, and until now, never volunteer to support a candidate.  However,  I want to bring to your attention Tony Tang who is seeking a seat on Vancouver City Council  (19 November voting day).
I have known Tony for approximately twenty years.  I first met him when I was a Planner at Vancouver City Planning Department and involved with neighbourhood consultation regarding writing a new zoning by-law for South Shaughnessy.  Tony served on the neighbourhood residents committee.
During the many meetings, I was impressed by his objective understanding and analysis of both the draft by-laws as they evolved, but also his clear grasp of the internal dynamics within the neighbourhood committee members which included a range of opinions from quite conservative to very free wheeling.

He listened well and presented his ideas and opinions in a very clear and productive manner, moving the committee’s work forward towards the eventual final by-law draft and its unanimous support by the committee when delivered to City Council.


I learned during this process that Tony and his wife, Paula, were neighbours of mine and so got to know him in another context.  When I left City Hall and went back to practising architecture, I was very lucky to have Tony be the construction manager for a clients’ new home on a very difficult site.
Tony’s past experience in both engineering management and also residential construction and development gave him the skills to successfully complete this project.  Again, he was sensitive to the clients’ needs and wishes, The City’s regulatory requirements, significant technical concerns, and the need for cost control.
Later, Tony was appointed to the Vancouver Board of Variance and was elected by that body to be the chair.  He and The Board became known as a well managed  “no nonsense”  appeal decision making body.
Now Tony has entered the upcoming municipal council race as a member of Vision Vancouver. Personally I think he would be a very good new councillor and bring much relevant experience and a very objective and analytical mind to City government.


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