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“Everything is going to be alright”: Art or a Bob Rennie motto?

September 16th, 2009 · 10 Comments

I notice that people are starting to comment more and more on the neon sign atop a Chinatown building, visible from the Georgia viaduct, that says “Everything is going to be alright.”

To my amusement, it is generating all kinds of speculation and commentary, not all of it based in what we might call fact. One blogger seems to think it’s possibly a message from BC Housing, saying it’s near but not on the Chinatown building that condo marketer Bob Rennie is restoring. At Beyond Robson, there’s a link to a post from a blog called Credit Check where the writer correctly identifies the building as being Rennie’s but appears to think that Rennie came up with the saying himself and can’t even spell “all right” correctly.

There have been some media reports on this sign but apparently not enough to reach wide public consciousness.  So, for those who think that it is a Rennie Marketing slogan that he’s put on his building, um, it’s not. (Though I’m sure the famously optimistic Rennie agrees with it philosophically.)

The sign is actually the work of British artist Martin Creed, which was in Detroit two years ago before Rennie installed it on the wall of what is going to be a sculpture garden on the roof of the gallery is being created inside this heritage building. The picture below is from Martin Creed’s site and shows the sign when it was installed inat the Detroit Gallery of Contemporary Art. You can also link to it here.

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