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First it was laneway houses in Vancouver alleys. Now laneway apartments

December 1st, 2015 · 6 Comments

I’ve been waiting for the first efforts to take advantage of this piece of the new West End plan — laneway apartments.

And they’re here, at least in the render and development-permit-approval stage.

My story in the Globe on these new buildings, several of which have been designed by Tim Ankenman, an architect who specializes in infill on sites with heritage buildings. (Wondering why the buildings look so modern? Ankenman says having a different style helps set off the main, older building.)

No rents are set yet, so we don’t know how affordable these will be. Also, I’m waiting to see how they will change the lanes. The city is pushing to have builders put in landscaping and other features to turn the lanes into streets (which, by the way, will now have to names).

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