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Former mayor Larry Campbell endorses Kevin Falcon, but Vision pals won’t be joining

January 12th, 2011 · 12 Comments

You know, just when you think life is getting dull, some wacky thing happens that makes you realize you never know what’s around the corner.

The fun news today was the announcement that former Vancouver mayor Larry Campbell came out endorsing Kevin Falcon. Campbell, if you’ll recall, once called Conservatives “barbarians at the gates.” Falcon is widely seen as carrying the Conservative flag into this particular battle.

Tweets and quotes in various news stories ranged from aghast to bemused, as you can see here and here.

He won’t have much company from his former fellow travellers in Vision Vancouver, the party he helped found. I’ve been checking around about who from the civic scene is doing what.

Here’s the body count so far:

– Vision campaigner Greg Wilson is with Christy Clark, as is FD Elements’ Don Millar. Interestingly, people say they have also spotted Daniel Fontaine, former Sam Sullivan chief of staffer and founder of political blog, at Clark events. I’ve tried checking with Daniel on whether this is true, but haven’t heard back.

The story is causing some amusement, though, since Fontaine and his blog partner, Mike Klassen, spent part of last year blasting Vision for giving contracts to FD and making various allegations about the level of work provided for the level of pay.

– Brad Zubyk, who also helped Vision get elected in 2008, is with Christy Clark.

– The mayor is staying out of the race, saying he’s not endorsing anyone. So is Non-Partisan Association councillor Suzanne Anton.

– Marcella Munro, one-time board member for Vision Vancouver and still a part of the inner circle, is working with Mike Farnworth.

– Vision councillor Kerry Jang, who was Adrian Dix’s constituency president at one time is, surprise, supporting Adrian, as is Vision park-board commissioner Raj Hundal, who also lives in that east-central area of Vancouver.

– Geoff Meggs say that he will confirm he supports Adrian (who was one of the tight circle around former premier Glen Clark, along with Meggs) if asked, but he is staying out of it because his wife is the NDP provincial secretary.

That’s all I had the time for. Please pass on any other interesting sightings.

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