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Gen Xers ready to move, boomers off to the country, millennials want to stay

December 20th, 2016 · 2 Comments

A company I hadn’t heard of previously, Resonance Consultancy, produced an interesting report with loads of data on B.C.’ers plans for moving in the next five years.

It was rich with data, collected from interview with 1,700 people by Insights West, which meant that there were a dozen stories in it or more. (As a result, different reporters writing about the same study came up with quite different stories — something that was a tad confusing for some readers.)

I focused on the big trends: millennials love the Lower Mainland and want to stay here; Gen Xers seem to be the unhappiest demographic and most ready to move; and a third of boomers are looking to cash out, possibly moving to a small town or the countryside.

One of the things none of us highlighted was the status quo: the majority of people in B.C. want to stay, if not in exactly the same house, at least in the same area where they are now. Breaking news, everyone.

To read it for yourself and find out who wants to move, who doesn’t, what they’re looking for in the ideal house, and more, the study is here. (It also includes interviews with former city planner Larry Beasley, SFU’s City program director Andy Yan, and more.)



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