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Granville Bridge greenway: A Brooklyn Bridge-style attraction, but a surprise entry to the city’s transportation plan

June 21st, 2012 · 33 Comments

Following up from yesterday, I did do a story on the Granville Bridge greenway, which doesn’t actually appear in any text of the city’s draft Transportation 2040 plan, but does appear in the “maps and graphics” section attached to it as one of the illustrations to suggest how future policies might look when carried out.

People I talked to were relatively positive, as you can see, though surprised by the last-minute appearance of this idea in the transportation plan talks.

Many (not all of them quoted) pointed out that, as difficult as it might seem to move walkers and cyclists from the side of the road over to the middle to use the greenway, it wouldn’t be any more difficult than the current situation, where those groups now have to negotiate the scary loops of the on and off ramps to use the bridge’s sidewalks.


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