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Greens step up efforts to get seats on Vancouver council, COPE sets new policy

April 1st, 2014 · 188 Comments

All of us who care about politics in the city are waiting to see which of the potential Vision challengers will mount the most effective, publicly appealing option for those wishing to park their votes somewhere besides with the ruling party.

The two parties on what some would describe as the left were in action the past few days, with COPE holding a policy-development weekend and the Greens announcing three new candidates who will run along with Adriane Carr in the fall.

Absolutely not to my surprise, Pete Fry of the Strathcona Residents’ Association is one of the new Green candidates, as is Tracey Moir, who has been leading the charge against Oakridge in that neck of the woods.

COPE chair Tim Louis said he sees the two parties as sharing a lot of values and he hopes that, whatever COPE members decide in terms of how many candidates to run, the two will complement each other rather than competing.


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