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Hornby lane counts in + asking you: What would make Hornby work better?

February 17th, 2011 · 60 Comments

Sigh. Here we go. City news release on cycling has updates on statistics for Hornby and Dunsmuir bike lanes. Deconstruct away

But in an effort to perhaps bring a new stream of ideas into the conversation, how about this? I’d love to hear your ideas for how, if the current lane were going to stay on Hornby, the street could be improved.

I use Hornby a lot myself. I have a YWCA membership. Shogun, the art gallery, and places across from the art gallery are favoured stopping spots for me.

Although I’m not driven to madness about the lanes, as some apparently are, they do seem weirdly complicated to me (all those lights! and curving lanes!). Plus, there have been changes made to parking along the street that don’t always seem to make sense.

For instance, on the block where I used to park in front of the Y all the time, parking has been banned in both the morning and afternoon rush periods. But, as I notice when I now hike in from the surrounding blocks, there’s never that much traffic in that section of the  Hornbystreet.

In the mornings, most traffic turns off Hornby before that block. In the afternoons, most people seem to be waiting to turn right and the parking lane is always empty.

So I personally would suggest taking away the new parking rules. And I’m hardly bitter at all about having my car towed from there a couple of months ago, since I never noticed the new signs after parking there for 13 years legally.

But maybe others would say that my idea is bad, though they’ve got other suggestions.

I’m wondering if anyone else has thoughts about tweaks that could be made.

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