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How are people figuring out their Vancouver council vote in this complicated 2022 election. I asked. Got lots of answers

October 4th, 2022 · No Comments

This is an election that is making people worker harder than ever at trying to figure out 1. Who aligns with their values 2. Who to vote for from the entire council slate in order to support what they value 3. What strategic voting is.

I asked on Twitter how people were working through the calculations. Got a fascinating raft of responses in my Twitter DMs. Please, this is not a reliable survey or very comprehensive and I am in no way claiming it is. I’m sharing those, with the writers’ permissions, plus some of the public comments.

Obviously, those on the left/green/progressive side struggling much more because that side did not come to an agreement on how to limit their slates (or, in one case, formation of new parties) in order to provide voters with a coherent list to vote for. I got a lot fewer answers from people voting for ABC, TEAM, NPA because, I think, they don’t feel like they have so many difficult choices to make. They are voting for their mayoral choice and their slate, with a few other votes thrown in (or maybe none, because they’re being trained to “short slate” or “plump,” as it’s called.

Here we go

Massive fish out of water over here in Dunbar where there is a sea of TEAM and Sim signs. Strongly feel that folks who were lucky enough to be able to purchase in this neighbourhood (due to generation (me) or wealth) should not get to decide who also gets to live here. We need density! Also feel climate, reconciliation should be top priorities. So I will support OneCity and Vision.

Hi Frances! To answer your question about voting, I would consider myself a socialist, and my voting plans are Kennedy Stewart for mayor (this is a strategic decision, though I honestly don’t mind his policies), and across council, park board, and school board I’ll be voting OneCity, COPE, and Vote Socialist, and where there aren’t enough choices from each I’ll vote Forward Together. It was kind of difficult to make these choices given I’d prefer more left-wing options, but with what’s available these choices eventually felt obvious to me.

I appreciate your question and as an informed voter, concerned citizen, longtime resident, homeowner, parent, want to share my process: I read thru the various candidates platforms on the city website and created a color-coded list. Ended up choosing 6-7 each for Team, One City, ABC with 1-2 each for Vision, NPA, Progress  I want change for our city and considered safety, ethics, experience, housing, advocacy, diversity in making my choices. My method was to choose by person, not party. Will be interesting to see the results of election!


Cont… Morgane Oger – affordable housing, drug crisis, past PAC LGBTQ School Board (9) Kirsta Sigurdson – Van DPAC, UBC prof, DTES Kyla Epstein – VPL, PAC Rory Brown – Van teacher, BCTF, BCIT Steve Cardwell – educator, superintendent Josh Zhang – safe schools, inclusivity Gavin Somers – Out In Schools, neighbourhood schools LGBTQ Victoria Jung – seismic safe schools, inclusivity Preeti Faridkot – safety, inclusivity, IT Richmond Schools Aaron Leung – mental health, public land, youth and family advisory Park Board (7) Serena Jackson – Pacific Community Resource Society, at risk youth, LGBTQ Tiyaltelut Kristen Rivers – Councillor Squamish Nation, Van City, UNDRIP Kathleen Larsen – community planning, heritage Scott Jensen – teacher/EA in DTES Marie-Claire Howard – athlete, team manager, art space advocate


Hi Frances, I’m buoyed by OneCity ‘s bright light campaign. Good energy and progressive policies. Other progressive urbanists can be found in Vision and Progress and Forward. It’s not that challenging for me. Except for mayor. I’ll vote for the incumbent hoping for a strong progressive get-it-done new council. Watch the one city music video dropped today. Refreshing politics – there’s a story. Thanks for being a great reporter and connector. Have big appreciation for your work. (Elaine Perry, with permission)

Given the chaos of at-large no-wards voting I did just vote the VDLC slate – at least they scrutinized platforms etc.

Kennedy Stewart has been Vancouver’s worst Mayor! I’ve been through Owen, Campbell, Sullivan, Robertson! I’ve never seen a leader blame everything but themselves! Born and raised in Vancouver! It’s never been this bad!

Hi Frances, re your question, I am planning to vote for Stewart along with the whole OneCity slate, some of the Forward slate, Sean Orr, some COPE, and maybe one Green (Smith). I am a bit nervous of the COPE/Green housing vote record, so can’t decide how many of each to vote. It’s a mess. Lol

Thanks for asking. I’m going with Foward & One City, hoping that Mayor Stewart will have the votes to get things done. Wish bringing in a ward system was discussed more this election. If Eby becomes the premier too we’ll have someone who has actually worked in the DTES, & coupled with a council with votes, think this may just be an opportunity for real change for the most vulnerable in the city. Here’s hoping! Keep up the good work.

4x onecity, Tesicca + Dulcy + Russil from forward, Sean Orr, Jean Swanson, Lesli Boldt. School and parks will be onecity then vs then vision. Sure! I think this set is mostly about densifying low displacement SFH neighborhoods while keeping Jean’s voice on council but not giving COPE enough votes that they start rejecting 0-displacement west side projects. Lesli and Dulcy are an attempt at strategic picks who seem like they’d get quite a few votes, Alvin would probably be more strategic than Lesli but I feel he is too cautious.

My main concern is housing. I have been convinced that exclusionary zoning is a problem and that supply is a significant driver of costs. With that in mind I’m likely going to vote for all onecity candidates, given Boyle’s voting record. I’m also going to vote for Vision candidates because of their zoning reform promises and because I’m a fan of Lesli Boldt’s previous work. I’ll also vote for Ouellette and Swanson because I believe they would pressure the others I’m voting for to put more emphasis on non profit housing and assisting the homeless. I think that leaves one council spot that I’m still undecided on. I think my last vote might be for Tesicca Truong. For mayor, I’m broadly happy with Stewart. I generally think he did a good job despite significant opposition/challenges in council. I’m open to giving him another shot with a different council. The only other mayoral candidate I’m somewhat curious about is Marissen. For everything else, I’m undecided.

Hi Frances, following up on your request for info from voters, and off the record. I voted already and basically went with Forward + One City + a few Greens and COPE to fill out the remainder. I’d like Kennedy to get a working majority and chose COPE and Green candidates who I thought would be the least obstructionist.

Hi Frances, In answer to your voting question. My wife and I and 8 year old live in a 3 br rental near commmercial drive. We both work at XX  good, senior positions. Our landlords are great – a former refugee family who bought the house we live in by living in it with a dozen relatives, and rent it to us now. But if we are forced to leave, we’ll basically have to leave Vancouver. Nearly everyone I know is in this situation, and most of them have good jobs. So my choices on council and mayor are rooted here and in the respect given to the people in this city who cannot afford housing. SO: Kennedy Stewart (i don’t love him, but he brings the federal dollars and will work well with Eby). Mostly Onecity for council with Forward Together and Cope. Absolutely no NPA, and I happen to think that TEAM is dangerous (wolves in sheep’s clothing). ABC is not the worst, but I doubt the fit of businessmen wanting to dabble in public office and hate the idea of more police to solve social problems. School and parks same as above. I’m sad Camil Dumont is leaving. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

Frances, in response to your tweet, I’m not 100% sure yet, but this is how I’m leaning for council: * Kennedy for mayor (Not an enthusiastic vote, but IMO, the best candidate by far on the ballot… * Forward Together (5 – to help give Kennedy a working caucus, if not a majority) Dulcy Anderson, Tesicca Truong, Alvin Singh, Jeanette Ashe, Russil Wvong Again, I’m not super enthusiastic, but I was frustrated by the fractured council last term l, and a mayor who didn’t have a caucus to support him (and/or help him refine proposals and strategies) * One City (4) I think all their candidates are strong, and will work well along side Kennedy and Forward Together councilors Iona Bonamis, Matthew Norris, Ian Cromwell, Christine Boyle * My last councilor vote is a toss up between Breen Ouellette, Sean Orr, and Leslie Boldt, For park and school boards, I’ll likely vote for a combination of One City, and Vision candidates. I may even plump the vote a bit for park board.

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