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It’s time to accept that we are are a world-class disaster zone

January 16th, 2009 · 31 Comments

I think it’s been hard for many of us to deal with the ongoing turmoil at city hall over the Olympic village. It’s so not Vancouver. Everything is so not Vancouver: the crashed housing market, the serial drama being played out with one leaked bit of information after another, the ongoing stories about how one thing after another to do with the village is totally f*** up.

Hey, what happened to all those “Vancouver has been voted the top city in the galaxy for the 10th decade in a row” stories?

But I’ve now realized we need to get zen about this. Stop trying to fight our transformation from Paris into some backwoods hick town in Arkansas. (PLEASE no indignant letters claiming discrimination against hillbillies from you Alabamans — how are we writers supposed to make humorous, exaggerated points if we can’t do this?) We just need to flow with this.

Ommmmm,the city has turned into an ongoing joke. I accept that. Ommmm, we accept that we have now become a cheap serialized novel, with a new chapter every week that has an even more unbelievable plot development than the one last week. I await the next chapter with much anticipation of a literary nature. Ommmm, we hope to do better in our next life. All will be well.

It’s this kind of acceptance that got me through my son’s high school years and I’m sure it will work now. Either that or thinking: It’s okay. We’ll all be dead soon and then it won’t matter. Ommmm.

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