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Judy Rogers got $572,000 to say bye-bye to the city

March 19th, 2009 · 37 Comments

Everyone who FOI’d Judy Rogers’ severance package got their letter this morning on the amount, though not the full severance agreement. It was $571,788 — not the $700,000 that some people had been chattering about.

Still a whack of money, though. You can read my web file here from the Globe and I’ll have more tomorrow in the print edition.

One nice thing in all of this. Usually the city declines to give us media pests these severance amounts even when we FOI. I’m still waiting for appeals on this from past requests to be heard. But this time, the city decided to release the amount without an appeal. Yay. Perhaps this is part of the cost-cutting — they’re trying to save on costly staff time fighting appeals they always lose.

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