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LA trumps Vancouver by banning new fast-food outlets in poor neighbourhoods

January 16th, 2011 · 5 Comments

In an era where governments seem to be outdoing each other to encourage their citizens to live better lives (no smoking in restaurants and bars in France or Spain; no trans-fats allowed in New York restaurants; no unhealthy food in Vancouver food carts; no cars allowed here there and everywhere), Los Angeles is earning headlines for its decision to prohibit any new fast-food joints from opening in south-central LA.

Thank goodness it’s not banning the old ones. One of my favourite outings in LA was to deepest, darkest Compton to search out a place called Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken that had been recommended in LA magazine’s Cheap Eats issue. All the bars on the windows were scary. So was the air of general desolation on the dusty, bare streets. So was the realization that we might possibly be in the minority, by not carring a gun. (Being tourists, we hadn’t quite realized Compton wasn’t Venice Beach til we got there.)

But what I now realize is that our lives were mostly in danger because of the nutritional composition of the fried chicken and biscuits we ordered.

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