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Latest poll: 46 per cent approval for Robertson, 40 per cent disapproval, few know who LaPointe is

August 21st, 2014 · 31 Comments

For the poll junkies, the latest poll from Insights West and Mario Canseco on the municipal scene.

While most of the results make sense (particularly the lack of transparency and engagement). one thing that is going to rankle Vision for sure — and does surprise me a little — is the low ratings they get on dealing with homelessness. This council has probably put more money and effort into creating more shelter spaces, providing for transitional housing, and even buying properties, to the point that staff grumble internally about how much is going to that issue.

I’d love to know more about those low ratings, whether it’s that people think the city shouldn’t intervene so much, that they think other policies that promote gentrification and development outweigh the homelessness efforts, whether they’re irate about the promise to end homelessness, or whether they just don’t get what the city is doing. I’m sure you’ll all weigh in and let me know.


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