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Little new information released in Ladner-Beaudry murder

April 8th, 2009 · 7 Comments

As Alex Tsakumis commented correctly here, there wasn’t much that came out of the RCMP news conference yesterday, as you can see from my story today. The lack of information is causing quite a few people, in and out of the media, to start to spin their own theories and pass around all kinds of secondhand bits and pieces.

It’s times like this when it helps for all reporters to take a deep breath (and I definitely include myself among them) and think clearly about what the focus and rules for verification should be on this story. It’s easy to get dizzy with all the talk going around in every direction.

One piece of information I got yesterday that I didn’t include in the print story, by the way. I’ve heard from several people that there were reports of cars being broken into. I checked with VPD spokesman Cpl. Lindsey Houghton, who checked stats for the area that are available (up to March 31). There is nothing there indicating a mini-crime blip. And, while I know some people argue that crime stats are meaningless because so many people don’t bother reporting any more assuming police can do nothing anyway, car break-ins do tend to get reported because you have to report to make an ICBC claim.

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