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Mandatory bike-helmet laws: Preventing head injuries or discouraging people from cycling or all of the above?

June 21st, 2012 · 114 Comments

Gentle reader Frank Ducote pointed out that I’m creating havoc (just like mixing pedestrians and cyclists on the same path!) in a previous post by mixing discussions of the Granville Bridge greenway and the mandatory-helmet law together.

Therefore, I declare this post to be open for helmet discussions only, where people can continue to tell me how clueless I am not to have realized years ago that some in the cycling lobby were pushing for getting rid of mandatory helmets. I dunno, guess I don’t read the news enough but I truly did not pick up on that part of the cyclist bible.

For those wanting a sampling of the debate out there, here’s a link to Peter Ladner re why mandatory helmets are a problem (look a little way down the list) and Daniel Fontaine in 24 Hours with a good summary on the various sides of the argument.

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