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Mayors willing to entertain new local taxes to pay for Evergreen after rejecting them last year

September 16th, 2010 · 57 Comments

Local mayors kicked up a sh*tstorm last year with the province by campaigning aggressively to get new mechanisms to pay for transit than they have now. (What they have now: property tax, fuel tax, fares, so-far-unused vehicle tax)

When the province wouldn’t entertain using the carbon tax or allowing new road-pricing schemes, the mayors voted for a TransLink budget that contained no money to pay for the Evergreen Line.

That fighting prompted the provincial government to order a review of their finances. Subsequently both CEO Tom Prendergast dumped Vancouver to go back to New York and Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts abruptly decided to give up the chairmanship of the mayors’ council.

A year later, Langley Mayor Peter Fassbender is leading the charge for a new supplement (as they call increased packages of tax/fee revenues for TransLink) in December that would raise money for the Evergreen and all kinds of all expansions/improvements. Some say it’s a necessary compromise to get the provincial government to soften its position. Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan says Fassbender’s dreaming in technicolour. More details here.

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