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More on the fight between condos and other uses

August 31st, 2008 · No Comments

For those who don’t think to click on the comments sections here, I had a couple of interesting responses to those who read my recent post that linked to a story about condos taking over New York commercial and industrial land.

Here they are.

  • It’s interesting and not surprising to see this happening. San Francisco, Baltimore, Toronto, Portland, and Seattle have all completed industrial land strategies to address this issue but it seems to be most acute in markets where there is limited land available to grow. Vancouver’s mountains, the Straight of Georgia, the Canada-US border and the visionary ALR all significantly limit the regional land supply. It may be time to consider an ILR (industrial land reserve) as well considering the pressure on the region’s industrial lands.

  • 2 Wagamuffin // Aug 30, 2008 at 5:44 am

    Here’s another horror story from Vanity Fair Magazine that I found two years ago. Though more along the lines of the aesthetics, it all seems eerily familiar and depressing.

    Condos of the Living Dead
    An explosion of high-priced glass-and-steel condos is being marketed to New York’s new rich. Inspecting multi-million-dollar marvels of sterility, the author wonders how any real living could possibly take place inside any of them.
    by A. A. Gill October 2006

    (Please insert the name “Vancouver” and just see if you don’t find yourself nodding to all the references. Shame, shame, shame. When will we ever learn?)

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