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More on Vancouver’s new green guru from Chicago

September 1st, 2009 · 8 Comments

I got a chance to talk to Vancouver’s new deputy city manager, Sadhu Johnston, in Chicago earlier today. Here’s my Globe story about Johnston, who will be arriving here Nov. 2. He’s a very personable sounding young man (sorry if I sound like an old fart, but I am), who mostly avoided talking ecojargon with me and was refreshingly explanatory about his life and his work.

He’s trying to figure out which neighbourhood to live in, by the way. He’d hoped to get into a co-op, but there are huge waiting lists for every one of them in town. Failing that, at least a green building.

By the way, for those who love these details, he’ll be making in the $200,000 range, as the city’s other deputies were. In Chicago, he was making $133,000 US.

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