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More tree letters

June 9th, 2010 · 9 Comments

Dear Ms Bula

Your article “A heritage proposal that tiptoes around the tulip tree”  explains very clearly the perplexing situation facing the city councillors and threatening the immediate neighbours of Bing Thom Architects’ proposed development at 1245 Harwood.  However, I am surprised by your statement  “So far the proposal has generated little commentary pro or con, in the area”  which is quite far from reality.

I suppose that you talked to people living in the building north of  that tulip tree, a building that is mostly rental; or perhaps to people living in the Chelsea building at 1219 Harwood.  Their suites will not be affected by an 18 storey tower because the big tulip tree would hide it from their windows.  But this tower would completely block the sun from the town-houses complex at 1245 Harwood and on the south side of 1330 Jervis St. as well, while taking away outdoor privacy in courtyards and patios for both buildings;  on Burnaby street, the top storeys of #1290 will lose their view.  All that resulting in decreased value of those concerned properties.

And for what ?  Certainly not for increasing the number of rentals in the West End.  The suites in this 18 storey tower would be way too expensive for renters who are not looking at rents reaching $3000.00 a month for a 2 bedrooms.  The tower will just be another downtown expensive condominium when there is a lack of rentals in the West End.

So you can be sure that many people in the area are extremely concerned by this project and would rather have the tulip tree chopped down and the old house replaced by any decent 8-9 story building encroaching on where the tree used to stand.  Of course it will be a sad day when this beautiful tree dies or is cut down, but because of the 40% of its root ball on the neighbour’s lot, it is doomed anyway. Fortunately there are many tulip trees in Vancouver and in the West End, they will grow too.


Marie-Louise Miginiac

Dear Mr. Bula:

I have appeared before council re. redevelopment several times (this project is one of many of similar ilk), and we have sent many letters to council and planners as well on this particular project, when it came up to the design panel in 2008.  It was rejected then because the skyscraper design was thought to ruin the heritage value…

You are welcome to post these sentiments on your blog.

Arne Mooers

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