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Neighbourhood group moves from protesting one project or one area plan to entire vision for Port Moody

November 26th, 2013 · 70 Comments

Interesting to see what’s happening out in Port Moody, where a newly constituted neighbourhood group is now raising questions about the city’s entire Official Community Plan.

I was wondering if there might be some of this starting when I went out to Metro Vancouver a few weeks ago and listened to presentations about “regional context statements” (similar to official community plans) for cities where planners were looking at, in some cases, the doubling of current population in 30 years. (Like in Township of Langley.) At the very least, significant increases.

When the region is simply growing like topsy, with no numbers attached, residents know there’s a lot of development going on but aren’t sure how much. But when the future growth is laid out in black and white, you can see how some people get alarmed at the thought of the change that’s going to come. And then they go into “put on the brakes” mode.

As appears to be happening in Port Moody. Their news release attached here.


Groups Banding Together To Counter Port Moody’s Draft OCP


 The City of Port Moody’s Draft Official Community Plan will face stiff opposition Wednesday evening from a city wide group of citizens who are afraid of losing the small town feel, neighbourly ambience and charm that makes Port Moody a community like no other.  Since April 2012, the City of Port Moody has been developing a new OCP that looks to nearly double the population by adding new areas for high rise residential development without having a plan for additional traffic, parks, schools or other municipal infrastructure.  Major changes from industrial to high rise residential zoning are proposed, sparking fears of traffic gridlock, environmental concerns, loss of heritage buildings, and above all, massive oceanfront development.


The City has provided some public input opportunities through open houses  and town hall meetings, but has not addressed concerns raised.  Despite the last Town Hall meeting demonstrating a six to one unfavourable comment ratio on that version, the latest revision has only added further high rise development in the Westport end of the St. Johns corridor in response to a few comments from a well-organized group from that area, without making any significant changes to the most contentious issue, the massive development in the Moody Centre region. 


City wide residents have partnered up with the Moody Centre Community Association, Tri-City Green Council and others to voice their dissent with the current draft OCP.  Mayor Mike Clay states that “This draft OCP is the vision of the people.”  We challenge this statement, as opposition continues to grow.  We plan to hold the Mayor and Council to their statement that “We want to listen and hear from you.  We will continue with public consultation until we get it right and until it is supported by the vast majority of the residents for however long it takes…”  Unfortunately, it seems that the Mayor and Council have not yet heard us.


Elaine Golds, Vice President of the Burke Mountain Naturalists, wrote recently in the Tri City News about the game of “Whack-A-Mole” being played by the City with some building heights being dropped while other high rises pop up elsewhere.  We couldn’t agree more.  The Official Community Plan must reflect the wishes of the people of Port Moody, and not cater to the desires of developers.


Who we are:  We are a group of concerned citizens of Port Moody who are opposed to the revised OCP Draft as presented by the City of Port Moody.  We feel that it does not reflect the vision of the community.

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