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New design out for PCI’s Marine Gateway tower

May 19th, 2010 · 19 Comments

Thanks to Gord Price at his blog Price Tags, here’s the latest rendering for the new Marine Gateway complex down on former industrial land near the Marine Drive Canada Line station.

The unique design is from Peter Busby’s firm.

Things to ponder.

– Look at the sheer size of this project. At 952,000 square feet, it’s almost the same size as the two-tower + university + city offices Woodward’s project (980,000) and about two-thirds the square footage of the 11-block Olympic village. That’s a huge whack of people and space, which will have an impact not just on this area but on other commercial areas, including the downtown, because of the way it shifts the centre of gravity for the city.

– While the West End residents group is mounting a small revolution because they feel targeted by the city’s program to create rental apartments, this project is the biggest rental-creation effort so far, with 187 of the 570 residential units here designated as rental.

– After some confusion following council’s decision to ask the planning department to go ahead with considering this proposal (the department’s official position had been that this site should remain as industrial land), the project has one tower, not the two originally envisioned by PCI.

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