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New money-saving device: council meeting conducted at front steps

May 6th, 2009 · No Comments

Okay, it wasn’t a money-saving device. City hall had to be evacuated last night after a black puff of smoke emerged from a vent in the chambers. (Apparently, the result of a fan dying in the air conditioning unit.)

So council, along with city manager Penny Ballem and various staff gathered around fibreglas eagle in front of the hall and conducted the rest of the meeting al fresco, motoring through all their items of new business.

Sadly, I don’t think anyone brought up the idea of getting rid of the friggin’ eagle — yet another round of appalling kitsch to be unleashed on our city, after the whales and bears painted in various colours have come and gone from our streets. Yes, I realize they’re part of a noble fundraising effort, but really … talk about a good idea gone bad.

The only remotely cool remnant of those invasions is the one I spotted recently at Main and Quebec, sitting on top of the optometry clinic there, where the bear has been spray-painted silver and adorned with a giant pair of very snazzy sunglasses.

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