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New public art at Hillcrest adds more water to very wet area

September 23rd, 2012 · 10 Comments

Almost as soon as the new Hillcrest community centre/pool/rink opened, crews started digging up the land around it extensively. Locals wondered why.

It turned out it was for a new piece of public art, which seems to have reached completion. You can see the official description here.

I’ve heard some question the wisdom of putting a water feature into a piece of land that is already pretty waterlogged as it is, with water running off Little Mountain tending to form bogs below.

Wondering what others think of this particular choice? Love it? Seen it? Hate it?

Knee-jerk comments about corrupt and wasteful city governments blowing taxpayer money on art, any art, will be limited to one. Not one per person. One for this entire thread.

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