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News glut in last week before holidays: Shannon Mews, fuel tax, homeless plan,more

July 29th, 2011 · 10 Comments

Happy camping, all you municipal councillors who are fleeing this weekend for your annual break after having waded through an unusually large dumpster-load of city business. I couldn’t keep up. For those of you trying to so, a brief summary.

– Councillors voted 6-4 to approve the Wall company’s plans for Shannon Mews on the west side. Kind of stunning. No downscaling of plans, as some other developers have been forced to do so council could pass without having community in full revolt. Shaughnessy-Kerrisdale voters perhaps not so crucial to Vision Vancouver? (Charlie Smith seems to be the only one of us ancient boomers who managed to stay there til 2 a.m. His comprehensive report here.)

– Metro Van still slugging it out in Burnaby as I speak, okaying regional growth plan, fretting over TransLink plan that would include new fuel tax and two years of increased property tax.

– Homelessness/housing plan in Vancouver, which got attacked by both very left and somewhat right for not having enough social housing. Sets the stage for Vision’s campaign platform aimed at talking about affordable housing for the below-median income earners in the city.

– Toronto has a 72-hour hearing that includes singing, sock puppets, and more as citizens come out to plead for their libraries, pools, parks, garbage, etc., not to be decimated. Many across Canada follow by tweet.

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