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NPA aiming to raise $2 million for Vancouver civic election

September 20th, 2011 · 95 Comments

There was so much buzz the last couple of weeks about the amount of money that Non-Partisan Association chair Peter Armstrong and fundraising chair Rob Macdonald were raising that I had to pursue this story.

Interesting that they are talking like this so early in the campaign. Party fundraisers usually don’t like to say they are going after big money — alerts the opposition, for one.

But it could be that the two are trying to encourage other donors to come on board by creating some hype. The momentum in the party had been a bit lacklustre until recently, when I started hearing from various sources about the money that the two men have been raising.

I’m inclined to think that the talk is more than just hype, though. I’ve heard more than one tale of well-off businessmen in the city who are so spitting mad (often about bike lanes) that they’re prepared to give generously. Plus, the political opposition seems to think that it’s not just hype.

So, if it is true, and if this prods Vision into also driving hard on fundraising, we can look forward to many, many robo-calls, robo-tweets, billboards, television ads, regular phone polling and more in the next eight weeks, as both parties try to find their supporters and caricature their opposition.

(Speaking of which, lots of griping the last couple of days about robo-calls from the NPA, asking people to press #1 if they wanted a lawn sign, #2 if they supporting the party, etc. Apparently, this new technology is considered a very fast, efficient way to generate a quick list of your known diehard ‘mark,’ as they’re known in polling — your for-sure supporters. Vision claims they won’t be using that technique. Hmmm. They were quick to point out robo-tweets from the NPA, but I noticed recently a little eruption of robo-tweets on the Vision side.)

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