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NPA holds private vote for mayor candidate, LaPointe rumoured to be the choice

June 3rd, 2014 · 25 Comments

Omg, those of us in civic politics reporting circles have been working feverishly the last few days trying to find out exactly wwhat went down at the six-hour board meeting the Non-Partisan Association held last Thursday.

Jeff Lee at the Sun and I both had stories out in the he last 24 hours, with whatever details we were able to scrape. There’s been a lot of chatter coming over the phones to both of us, I presume, that journalist Kirk LaPointe was chosen for the mayoralty candidate. (Jeff also got the info that former park board chair Ian Robertson was also one of the potential mayoralty candidates interviewed.)

But the NPA’s Peter Armstrong and Rob Macdonald refused to confirm anything, so it’s all just speculation for now.

Here’s my story and his. Oh, and to give you the sense of what kind of election it’s going to be, below is the message that Vision Vancouver sent out within hours of my story appearing.

Frances —
Today’s news is reporting that the NPA’s backroom have secretly chosen a candidate for Mayor. Not a single vote was cast by their membership, and they actually won’t even say who it is.

You read that right: the NPA now have what is surely Vancouver’s first ‘secret’ candidate for Mayor.

NPA President Peter Armstrong, NPA Vice President Rob MacDonald and their companies alone spent over $1.1 million trying to defeat Vision Vancouver candidates in the last campaign. That included the largest corporate donation in Canadian history, and now they’re gearing up to try again.

Don’t let the NPA backroom take Vancouver backward:

Click here to donate $5 or whatever you can afford to help keep moving Vancouver forward

Vancouver voters deserve fair and open nomination contests to select candidates for this November’s important election, and that’s what Vision Vancouver is delivering with our open nomination meeting on June 22nd.
The NPA’s secret appointment process shows once again that they just don’t get today’s Vancouver – and how important it is that we go forward with the positive and inclusive leadership of Vision Vancouver.

Thanks for everything you do,

Maria Dobrinskaya
Vision Vancouver Co-Chair,

PS. Whoever they’ve chosen, we know they’ll be well-funded. Can you chip in? Please donate $3, $5, or $10 today to keep Vancouver moving forward

Vision Vancouver

Vision Vancouver · Canada
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