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NPA to become “Vancouver First”?

June 22nd, 2010 · 29 Comments

Members of Vancouver’s oldest civic political party get to vote June 29 on whether they want to change their name from the Non-Partisan Association (or Civic Non-Partisan Association legally) to Vancouver First. (Full wording of the motion here.)

This is the follow-up to a membership meeting a couple of months ago where there was extended debate on whether to change the name, as part of an effort to renew the party, and whether to create political-party-style policy stances on various issues. Members agree to consider the first, but not the second, saying the association has a long tradition of not being a political party and not tying its elected representatives to fixed policy. (Well, except for the vaguely Chamber of Commerce-ish type principles that are part of the association’s constitution.)

So … Vancouver First. What do you think?

Me, I’m wondering if they have to ask Dianne Watts’ permission. As you’ll recall, she created a unique party (me and people on council I agree with, no members, no voting) out in  Surrey called Surrey First. Perhaps this is kicking off a string of franchises.

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