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Numbers exceed expectations at NPA

September 13th, 2008 · No Comments

There’s five minutes left to vote here and the place has started to feel lively after all. Clearly, more people showed up than even the NPA expected, since the sandwiches and desserts ordered for lunch were scarfed up instantly, leaving some people with nothing but empty plates.

It seems more like about 400-500 people have showed up through the morning. Among them, briefly, was Mayor Sam Sullivan who wheeled around for a short while saying hello to people. No speech from him, though, wishing everyone well. That wasn’t on the schedule.

It also seems to signal the kind of relationship that will exist between the mayor and the Peter Ladner-led NPA for the campaign. As more than one person has noted, Sullivan isn’t doing anything as damaging as publicly criticizing Ladner, the man who took the mayoral nomination away from him. He’s just kind of pretending he doesn’t exist. We in the media are continuing to get numerous news releases about what Mayor Sullivan is doing, saying, writing letters about, accomplishing towards his previously announced initiatives and so on. Little reminders every time about all the good things he did for the city, which wasn’t good enough for Ladner and the party

Well, the socializing and sandwich-eating is almost over and the vote count for the park-board candidates should be announced soon.

By the way, I’ve been told Kanman Wong, new council candidate, is out of the country, so no speech from him.

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