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Olympic village developers to review construction

June 29th, 2009 · 25 Comments

This just in from the PR company working with Millennium Developments.

Millennium Water Construction Quality

Vancouver, BC – The Millennium Water consultant group and the general contractors are in the process of evaluating the current commentary regarding the quality of construction on the Olympic and Paralympic Village Project which has to-date been, in the consultant team’s opinion, above industry standards.

The Olympic Village is nearing completion and as such there are multiple and varied activities across the project. The work of the sub-trades is coordinated by the General Contractors and is subject to extensive review by the professional design team. The work in progress is governed by the architectural and engineering drawings and specifications which define the quality, durability and energy performance of the materials and systems installed. This work is further governed by both municipal and industry standards.

All work undertaken on the Olympic and Paralympic Village site is subject to a rigorous and stringent process of field reviews.  The professional engineering and architectural consultants are charged, under the Vancouver Building bylaw, with providing such reviews in support of the Letters of Assurance that each design professional is required to issue at the completion of the work – prior to being granted Occupancy by the City of Vancouver Inspectors.  These reviews are undertaken for each building and are carried out by the professionals and other parties, including:

*         The Trade Field Supervisors
*         The General Contractor Superintendents
*         The Code Compliance Certified Professional
*         The Building Envelope Consultant
*         The Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, and
*         The Architects.

The professional consultants are providing essentially full time attendance on site to facilitate the quality and schedule requirements associated with the project.

Work in progress does not proceed forward until all parties noted have completed their field reviews and the work has met the technical requirements of the specifications.

The consultant team issues photo-records of all field reviews with the appropriate written observations. In the example cited in the recent news story, the items identified have been acknowledged in previously issued field reviews submitted to the General Contractor by the Mechanical Engineer.  The process to remedy such issues is an acknowledged aspect of building construction where the professional consultant team acts on behalf of the public to assess compliance with both the City of Vancouver and Provincial Building Standards.

The consultant team will undertake an additional review of the work in progress to assess the issues identified and to confirm that the project specifications are being met by all contractors and trades on the site.

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