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Olympics blogs bloom during the Games

February 13th, 2010 · 4 Comments

It’s a great time for bloggers during these Games, as people looking for information on niche topics they’re interested in have widened their search to anything on the internet. I know that I went on an obsessive hunt yesterday for more information about the problems with the Whistler luge track after the tragic death there yesterday and came across more than a few interesting blog posts from various specialists. (Though the best story I read was still in that old MSM giant, Sports Illustrated.)

Local bloggers here are converting to Olympics-dominated info, with having turned into practically an advertorial site for the Games. (Oh, how we miss those breathless exposes on city manager Penny Ballem’s emails — though I’m sure they’ll be back.) I’m forced to write about the Games myself because there are no planning and environmnet committee meetings to attend at city hall.

And new ones are popping up. A couple that have come my way that you might want to check out are below. And I’d love to hear from all of you if you’re discovering any new good ones.

Vancouver Manifesto. Sample quote: You know what I love? Intelligent protest. The type that uses the opportunity of an inevitable event [the Olympics] to bring important issues to the forefront/ demonstrate that the Olympics is not immune to politics.

You know what I don’t like? Activitst who proclaim, “[We want to] fuck shit up” or “We are here to disturb- that’s the point.”

Olympic City Girl. Sample quote: 

Later that day I witnessed the whole parade preceding the torch when it passed my office and us cynical journos deigned to crowd under an awning in the rain and make snide comments. (OK, not all of us are cynical, some were really into it).

But there was plenty of material for snide comments. For, like, 20 minutes we stood there and when the relay finally rounded the corner it was a woefully underwhelming display of corporate sponsorship — oops I mean spirit.

First came not one, but two, Coca Cola truck/floats with a handful of promotional people half-heartedly dancing around to a DJ. They weren’t even tossing out bottles of Coke, which, really, is all that kind of thing is good for. Nothing says ‘Canada’ like an American-based softdrink!

 Then came the RBC truck. Now, call me crazy, but I’m not really stirred to patriotic zeal by the idea of tax-free savings accounts and RRSPs, even if there’s a hyperactive MC trying to rally my spirit.

I understand sponsorship and all, but the corporatism is really a buzz kill and overshadows the actual community feel.

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