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One more blog on the civic political scene

September 12th, 2009 · 32 Comments

I’m very tardy in noticing this, but I have finally stumbled across the new Vancouver civic politics blog just started up by Jonathan Ross at For those who don’t recall from previous exchanges on this blog, Jonathan is a political consultant who has managed campaigns at various levels, most recently in Vancouver for Kashmir Dhaliwal in his run for city council as part of the Vision team.

Jonathan appears to be set to do battle with the boys at, Daniel Fontaine and Mike Klassen, who were Sam Sullivan’s two right-hand guys while he was mayor and use their blog to perpetuate their view of the world (Sam great, anyone who ever criticized him Very Bad People).

The recent point-counterpoint between the two blogs is over Councillor Suzanne Anton’s attack on Vision for not releasing the KPMG document that was commissioned by the city to assess the city’s management of the Southeast False Creek/Olympic village project.

Citycaucus, of course, supports the Anton accusation that something nefarious is going on because it hasn’t been released, with hints that the reason Vision doesn’t want to release it is because the report actually exonerates the NPA and past city management. Ross/civicscene puts out the Vision line that there’s stuff in there that, if only Suzanne knew how bad it looked for the NPA, she wouldn’t be pushing so hard to get it released.

Go at it, I say. Of course, my selfish hope is that citycaucus will get so embroiled in sandbox fights with Ross that Daniel and Mike will have somewhat less energy to carp about the Evil Journalists whom they believe did in Sam Sullivan and who aren’t properly critical enough (i.e. as critical as citycaucus is) of Vision and Gregor Robertson.

Like all good political attack dogs, they prefer to go after a few select journalists, like me  and Allen Garr at the Courier, rather than inconveniently mentioning how many reporters did negative stories about Sullivan during his tenure or how many other reporters have covered Vision and Robertson more positively than either of us.

But really, why bring in frivolous context like that. Much better to keep nursing those grudges, boys.

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