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One way to be an opposition politician — come up with ideas that the majority party thinks are swell

April 16th, 2013 · 25 Comments

Hmm, this is the second time I’ve seen this where Councillor George Affleck pitches an idea that the Vision council decides to adopt with no quibbling.

(Other one was New Year’s Eve celebrations)

It’s kind of a novel approach to political activisim — think up new things to do that fit with the governing party’s general ethos (parties, beer) and then get out in front of staff or anyone else to propose it.

Anyway, enough digressing. Here’s George’s motion for next week:

NPA Councillor Seeks Support for Craft Breweries

For Immediate Release
April 16th, 2013

A motion put forward by NPA Councillor George Affleck, on the regulatory changes needed to permit micro-breweries and distilleries on industrial land to sample products produced on-site, is expected to be unanimously passed at next Tuesday’s Council meeting.

“Current City of Vancouver regulations do not allow for brewery and distillery operations to offer customers samples and purchasing options. I’m asking staff to come back to Council with recommendations on how we can change that” says Affleck.

“This motion is intended to bring the City of Vancouver up to date with Provincial policy directives, and is aimed at giving local breweries and distilleries a greater chance to thrive while adding to the vibrancy of the city’s robust food scene.”

“I’ve already received a great deal of support from the Mayor’s office since submitting the motion and am confident it will receive unanimous support at the Council table.”

Councillor Affleck’s motion will be debated at the April 23rd, 2013 City Council meeting.

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