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Only three more days, fortunately

November 12th, 2008 · 18 Comments

I think I speak for many when I say, “Let us give thanks that there are only 72 hours of this left.”

Four news conferences skedded for tomorrow (NDP saying who they endorse — can’t imagine who their choices might be); Kashmir Dhaliwal and Ujjal Dosanjh on crime; Gregor Robertson and Jim Green on Woodward’s; NPA on school board issues.

More crazy stories about the Olympic village loan and who leaked the document, with Global’s latest report being that city staff are conducting a thorough investigation, complete with forensic analysis of card swipes, and that a suspect is in sight.

I can’t imagine what else the roller-coaster will bring us tomorrow.

I’m at the point where it’s so confusing that I occasionally contemplate not voting at all. It’s hard to even think about what the major issues used to be — homelessness, anyone? public safety? affordable housing? didn’t we used to care about that? — let alone decide who are the best candidates to handle them.

I say, let’s all get a good night’s sleep and pretend the last week never happened. (Those who read my earlier version of this post will have noticed that I originally said only two more days left — wishful thinking, I can only presume.)

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