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Over half of Oly village condos sell in first phase + weird Oly village tourism advice

February 22nd, 2011 · 47 Comments

Just in case you’re in a cave somewhere, Bob Rennie announced at a news conference this morning that 128 of the 230 condos offered for sale in this round at the Olympic village have offers on them. Details here.

In offbeat Olympic-village news, the NY Times had the strangest travel piece ever, suggesting that people come here to look at the village (okay, that part is reasonable), stay at the Fairmont Waterfront, and then … partake of the village’s nearby delights by going to a vegan/raw food restaurant on Second and some alternative club on Main Street usually frequented by 20-something hipsters. Hmm, which one of these doesn’t fit? A real Mensa test.

A quote: “Recession-slowed sales have left some blocks of Olympic Village still partly deserted, so the cultural and culinary pulse of the new neighborhood is best felt along its fringes. A gritty warren of dive bars and chop shops bumps up against experimental galleries and health-conscious dining spots.”

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