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Personal memories of Woodward’s

December 9th, 2009 · 75 Comments

I zipped down to the new Nester’s store at Woodward’s yesterday, where there was a major PR-assisted nostalgia initiative going on to link to the old Woodward’s Food Floor. In spite of that, it was fun, seeing all these people flooding in to what has been a dead block for a decade and a half.

And, as I left out the cheese shop side door onto Abbott, where the sun was shining and the street was busy, and the ghostly old advertisements on the original old Woodward’s store were visible above every window, it reminded me of how lively it used to be down there.

I got to write about a few snippets of my years of experiences with Woodward’s (and I still have my old blue and white credit card in the house somewhere — yay for hoarders) in the Globe yesterday. Funny how this capitalist operation generated so much love once it was dead.

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