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Peter Judd new engineering head at city

July 15th, 2010 · 3 Comments

No surprises in this announcement, except why did the city spend a few thousand dollars to do a national search when Peter was the obvious candidate. When Dave Rudberg quit as head of Olympic operations, Penny Ballem snapped up Peter instantly as his replacement. That was even after Peter made it clear he wasn’t going to let the VANOC group run roughshod over the city.

Unless I hear otherwise, this seems like good news for the city. Peter is not an outside hire, not some greenie from wherever, but a guy who knows the city inside out and has been unfailingly helpful and thoughtful in all the dealings I’ve had with him.

 (I note that citycaucus is raising dark suspicions that Jerry Dobrovolny was passed over because of his role as the media spokesman during the strike in Sam Sullivan’s administration, but Jerry has been at the city many less years than Peter. Also, without having any inside information, it looks like they have a lot of faith in him, as they’ve put him in charge of all the contentious biking/walking/transportation stuff, where they need someone solid who will carry out their ambitious plans not run passive-aggressive counter-offensives.)

Peter Judd has been appointed City Engineer and General Manager of Engineering Services following an extensive nation-wide search.
The position of City Engineer is an appointment of Council.
Peter joined the City in 1982 and has steadily progressed through the organization, bringing innovation, productivity and safety improvements to all areas of his responsibility. 
Peter Judd has worked in almost every branch of Engineering, spending time in the budget and water works sections and as division head to the electrical, sewer and water and streets divisions. He was also an early leader of the sustainability program.
Peter has also been a leader at the national level. He helped set up a national committee to establish a regulatory regime for telecommunications providers conducting operations within City infrastructure. The regime, sanctioned by the Canadian Radio and Television Commission, encourages competition in telecommunications while giving cities the ability to manage scarce street space.
In March 2009, Peter stepped in as General Manager of Olympic Operations and with spirited and determined leadership, led complex negotiations with the Province, VANOC and other partners and helped guide the Host City to the most successful Olympic Games ever.
Peter Judd succeeds Tom Timm, who retired from the City in April following 32 years of service.

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