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Post-traumatic stress, concussions from riot lead to WorkSafe claims

July 19th, 2011 · 1 Comment

I read dozens of riot stories in Europe, but when I came back, one of the impacts I heard about — which I hadn’t read — was the effect on employees who had been in the stores invaded and wrecked.

Not surprisingly, when I called WorkSafeBC later to find out more about that, that agency was starting to see claims come in related to that.

One more piece of fallout from a complex event. I’ve also had the chance to hear a lot of analysis about what led to the riot. (It all makes me think there MUST be some international conference coming shortly about riot prevention, as we read several stories about sports-related violence while we were in Europe, including preparations for a match in Glasgow that had police involved in ensuring that parades were scheduled far apart to prevent opposing groups of fans from clashing.)

I’ve heard everything from 1. Part of the problem was that the bulk of police didn’t come on shift until 4 p.m., when hundreds of people had already been drinking steady for four hours; to 2. Everyone just kept talking riot and whether there would be one in every news story, so that there was almost an expectation there would be one.

I’ll be interested to hear what the Riot Review comes up with amid all this ex post facto theorizing.

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