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Qs from readers: Where was LaPointe on CP before? Why not advertise Vision tearing down viaducts? More

November 14th, 2014 · 4 Comments

I’ve been getting a lot of City Plumber questions recently that aren’t really questions, but more like opinions, so I thought I’d just put them up as is. If anyone has any answers, feel free to weigh in.

How can Kirk Lapoint be sending out letters to Kitsilano voters telling them that he will negotiate in good faith with CP Rail?  I sent him an invite to the summer garden party – organized to give people a chance to reflect on and discuss the value of this space to our communities –  that happened while the City of Vancouver was negotiating with CP Rail – NPA’s Lapoint did not show up or make comment.  David Eby came out and talked seriously with gardeners.

Why is it Left moving away Robertson?Instead of The mean Conservative right bullying their way into Vancouver?That’s what you will see right across the Country…Big Conservative dollars,probably even paying for Court for all their nasty ways!

Why is there no “Vision will tear down the viaducts you are driving on” signage visible to all the commuter traffic and so close to the voting date?

One of the reasons Gregor Robertson beat Raymond Louie to run as Vision’s mayoral candidate three elections ago was by promising to shift some of the commercial property tax burden onto the residential property tax. This gained him the support of much of the business community. Home ownership became more expensive and everyone I know who rents had a significant rental  increase during Gregor’s first term. This made housing less affordable. Yet Vision has the audacity to make affordability one their central issues this election cycle. Why has the mayor’s property tax increase been forgotten? Why doesn’t someone publicly ask him to reverse this tax shift from the wealthy onto the commons?

Have any of the mayoral candidates addressed the E Coli & contamination problems in False creek?

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