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Running for mayor: Basketball player, sex columnist, enviro guy

March 26th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Looks like our neighbours to the south will have their own interesting civic election. The Seattle media are filled with the news today that a former Sonics basketball player is saying he’s going to run for mayor against Greg Nickels. Here’s just one story on the topic.

He’ll be joining Dan Savage, the Savage Love sex columnist whose column in today’s Georgia Straight is about a man with a fetish for women wearing fins during sex (hey, I had to read SOMETHING while I was eating lunch), and Michael McGinn, former head of the Sierra Club there. Now that’s what I call choice.

I was amused to note on the TV coverage of James Robertson’s announcement that one of his reasons for running was Nickels’ poor handling of snowploughing over the winter. It’s great to see how snow has become the wedge issue of choice for those trying to foment popular unrest among city residents here and there.

In Seattle, however, the issue’s been given a little more teeth by recent investigative stories in the Seattle Times that looked at who was in charge of ploughing and which streets got ploughed. You can read a recent piece on that here.

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