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Social column: Mayor and Chinese pop star dating; election injuries endure; holiday time for councillors

January 6th, 2015 · 82 Comments

Some people feel I haven’t done enough to document the personal lives of our politicians. So here is my new year effort.

Green Party Councillor Adriane Carr is vacationing on the Sunshine Coast until Jan. 19, thanks to a very convenient city council schedule that has the first meeting not on the schedule until Jan. 20. Vision Councillor Heather Deal is still recovering from a crippling knee injury incurred during election door-knocking (sidewalk, a twist, a popping sound).

And, contrary to the nasty little rumour passed around all last fall in emails, conversations and even brown envelopes dropped at doors in the west side, the mayor is not dating a well-known person in the development industry. Instead, according to extremely reliable sources (this is not gossip), he is currently seeing Wanting Qu, a 31-year-old Chinese popular-music star who has a lot of buzz in Vancouver. For more info on Qu, see here and here.

I will leave it to others to do the heavy lifting and ask what the implications are for Vision’s Chinese voter identification in the 2018 civic election or Canadian-Sino trade relations.


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