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State of Vancouver takes a vacation: This is your blog

August 19th, 2010 · 118 Comments

As promised, I am going to try to give my mind a rest (though I will check out the Green Line in Portland shortly — thanks for the suggestion) and therefore not be posting until Sept. 1.

The comments section is open here for anyone to post anything they like related, however vaguely, to urban issues. The comments will be monitored from time to time for general civility. I decided not to have guest moderators as that would allow access to the email addresses of people who post here and I want to ensure their privacy.

Finally, before I disappear for this bit, I wanted to thank everyone here for making this blog a part of your day. It’s now been a few days over two years since I started it. In that time, it’s grown from 30,000 page views a month (I use webalizer as a counter) to, last month, just over 130,000 page views. That means well over two million in the two years. I’ve put up 940 posts in that time and had 13,662 approved comments.

I’m grateful for all the passionate conversations you’ve carried on here and the (mostly) thoughtful, informed comments, along with the occasional falling-down-funny interjections.

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