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Summer break and open forum on city issues

June 14th, 2011 · 34 Comments

Time to rest up for the campaign season ahead. As some of you know, I’m off to Italy for four weeks, spending all of my time observing urban issues, of course. I see some posters up for some kind of referendum that was voted on Sunday and Monday. I’m on it.

Just out for my first-ever walk around Rome in the balmy midnight air, envious as we North Americans so often are of the lively night life, infinite interesting urban spaces, and here, remnants of ancient Rome that sit half dug up and preserved next to banks and restaurants. (Gelato flavour #1: Pistachio and ricotta.)

If I’m feeling peppy, I’ll do occasional posts.

In the meantime, as I suggested at Christmas, please feel free to post about what’s going on in the city of note. The blog will be monitored for nastiness and long-windedness that discourages others from posting.

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