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Thanks again to all the faithful — and I ask your advice on Twitter

February 2nd, 2009 · 26 Comments

I’d like to think it was just me but, actually, I believe that it’s all the hot news coming out of city hall these days that drove my blog-hit count up to 63,000 this month. (And I think half my readers read to see the interesting comment debates that erupt.)

With more to come this week on the negotiations with Fortress over the Olympic village, there should be lots more to talk about.

Which brings me to another point in the continuum of talking platforms. I’d like to know what you all think of Twitter and whether I should do it? I realize I could go hunting on the Internet for insightful commentary but I’d rather hear it from you.

I can’t quite figure it out. It doesn’t seem to be a young person’s thing. My 18-year-old niece, Kendal, whom I rely on as an infallible guide to all things cool teenagers do, says she doesn’t Twitter and doesn’t even know what it is. This is someone who was on Nexopia and Facebook when I was still using library card catalogues.

So, unlike other social media, it doesn’t seem to be aimed or produced by the myspace/Facebook set. In fact, where I hear about it all the time is from the liberal elite/politician/chattering class set (i.e. me and almost everyone I know).

Stephen Harper twitters, if you can believe it. Just google “pmharper and twitter” and you’ll see. It’s enough to make you smoke a doobie to celebrate the fact that you’re not the prime minister just reading it. The two most recent posts were “Attending a business round table in Quebec” and “Home renovation tax credit takes effect today.”

And Toronto Mayor David Miller and our own Vancouver mayor, Gregor Robertson, also twitter. So maybe you shouldn’t twitter unless you’re a very famous person and it’s kind of a thrill for people to read “did not enjoy delivering the grim news on the olympic village today” or “On the way to announce our district energy plant at Regent Park-City/TCHC/Corix-green power;potential for solar and wind.City leading again!

After all, it is somewhat cool to think that a Great Person has taken the time out to let all of you know “just called the French ambassador to say we’ve dumped the term freedom fries” than to read the more ordinary twitters many of us lesser mortals might post, i.e. “Spent the day blogging. My q key is sticking” or “Made scrambled eggs and had the heat too high. Will have to soak to get the guck off the bottom” or even “Remembered to send belated Christmas card today.”

But perhaps I’m missing the point. (As some will say I do so often.) What might be the value of Twitter, aside from ensuring that any spare minutes of the day not currently devoted to typing will soon be transformed?

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