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The BC Place roof is not going to be as ugly as we feared

January 12th, 2011 · 25 Comments

For weeks, I’ve been ranting to anyone who would listen to me (fortunately, there aren’t that many) that the BC Place roof was an architectural blight on Vancouver, with giant struts in heavy gray industrial steel going up that looked like some kind of homage to Dominion Bridge.

Every time I went over the Cambie Bridge, I’d be aghast all over again at the heavy look of the couple of dozen prongs sticking up — a weird contrast to the glassy towers all around them — and wonder why the people in those condos weren’t protesting in the streets.

I have to say that I talked to a few planners and architects who were equally appalled, couldn’t get over the way the earlier illustrations looked so different from the reality. The renderings made the roof supports look delicate and slim; the reality was like industrial scrap.

Well, as it turns out, the current reality is sort of industrial scrap. What’s here now on this website is mostly scaffolding that will be removed, leaving behind something less oppressive. I’m attaching the BC Place website here as an illustration because I can’t seem to upload anything better that I have.

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