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The election poll in the Fabula world

November 17th, 2011 · 11 Comments

Political reporters live in the bubble, along with the politicians, bureacrats and campaigners they cover.

As well, we’re hampered by our tendency to hang around in our personal world with people who have similar political convictions.

So any sentient journalist likes to check out what the real people are thinking, outside those circles.

Here’s the poll among people who I like to rely on to get my reality-check take:

Hairdresser: He never tells me how he votes, but he does tell me trends among his west-side clients. In 2008, they were turned off Sam Sullivan and turned on to Gregor Robertson. This time, they’re off Robertson: bike lanes, wasting money, and a flake. So they’re giving money to Suzanne Anton, but they have doubts about her and whether they think she’ll make it.

Garden-maintenance crew. (Please, no comments about how bourgeois I am. I have no time to rake leaves when I’m doing the people’s work, bringing you information.)

Big big fan of cutie gregor. actually got to meet him at two recent events. we talked chickens and backyard gardening. very cool. to be honest i am not big into politics. just find it overwhelming and not knowledgeable enough. follow the usa elections more than any of our stuff. however robertson really got me intrested in civic stuff as i find this impacts us more directly than federal. likely silly thinking, but def intrested in what is going on around us- parks, bike routes, homeless etc. So yes the whole crew is voting and hoping for the best.

Dentist: Voted for Gregor Robertson last time, definitely not voting for him again. Didn’t mention Occupy Vancouver at all, but talked about the bike lanes and the chickens as something that really riled him.

Physio: Hardly ever votes and likely won’t this time. What she knows about the election: The mayor brought in chickens and bees. And she doesn’t like “that woman” running against him, can’t stand her voice and the constant attacks.

A union, usually left-voting relative: Doesn’t know anything about Vision other than that they put in the bike lanes and might tear down the viaducts. Will vote Vision because he doesn’t go downtown that much and doesn’t care. Plus “if you’re going to vote left, you have to eat a little granola.”

A good NPA-voting friend: Can’t imagine ever voting anything but NPA. However, he is going to vote for Tim Louis because he thinks it’s good to have a real attack dog on council.

That’s all for now, folks. More to come ….


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