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The euphoria and scrambling over money for rapid transit, bridges, water treatment in the Lower Mainland

March 24th, 2016 · 4 Comments

An exciting week for local government types, as they waited for the announcement on the details in the federal budget about what on their wish list would be getting deliveries from the money pipeline.

What I’m finding interesting about it, as a few days have gone by since budget day, is how much is still being hashed out and explained about what projects exactly will get the money, which parts of projects are eligible (design and planning for transit never used to be eligible for federal funds, now they are), and all kinds of other wiggly things.

My guess is there is a lot going on between the federal people and the provincial people to get them to come on board with certain projects in exchange for guarantees of money on others. At the moment, the city people and the feds are working together. It was clear when I was talking to mayors and councillors that they feel like they have a direct pipeline and are no longer left guessing and begging. It’s the province that seems to be the recalcitrant, left-out one.

Stories here and here from day before and day of budget.

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