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The Geller and Ladner kids invite you to a party in the Downtown Eastside

November 4th, 2008 · 11 Comments

This election has to be setting records for wild and wacky things the candidates are willing to try in order to generate noticeably scarce media coverage of the civic election.

David Cadman’s YouTube “Vote Beard” video (posted earlier on this blog) is probably the prize-winner so far. David says that the viral success of this video, which has earned him responses from Europe and India, has proven to him that “I know nothing about anything” when it comes to what works in political campaigns.

Gregor Robertson arranged for himself to get a TransLink ticket for paying the single-zone price when he was travelling two zones, in order to get a little needed media coverage. (For the humour-impaired, the preceding sentence is a paid political joke.)

Now Michael Geller, who has been advertising his campaign on Vancouver’s abundant fallen leaves, and Peter Ladner of the Non-Partisan Association are getting their hipster kids to hold a pub night down at the Cambie for their dads. (These would be the kids and their friends whom both Geller and Ladner said earlier on in the campaign were more inclined to support Vision Vancouver.)

Michael’s email to me this morning gives the details:

COME MEET MY DAD. The Geller girls and the Ladner kids are inviting their friends and other ‘millennials’ to a gathering at The Cambie Hotel on Thursday November 13 at 7:30.  The purpose is to get youth a bit more engaged in the municipal election campaign, and hopefully get a few more youth votes.  Ladner and I will be ‘pulling the taps’ and serving behind the bar.

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