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The Vancouver condo and how it changed the city

December 12th, 2011 · 59 Comments

I’m just reading an interesting paper published this year by UBC law professor Douglas Harris about the rise of the condo in North American and particularly Vancouver.

As of the 2006 census, he noted, 37 per cent of all residents of Vancouver lived in a strata condo. I can only imagine what the percentage will be when the 2011 census numbers come out.

As Professor Harris points out, this new form of property ownership essentially altered the landscape of Vancouver irrevocably.

I noticed some of you talking about the inherent flaws of condo ownership and alternatives that might provide more (and better) choices.

Love to hear more on that. I’m also curious about whether anyone has had an experience with a condo building that’s come to the end of its life and where all the owners have had to agree on what to do next. (Seems like IanS might know something about this.)

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